Coaching is for you if you're feeling OK - but just OK.  You know that your life could be better and if you let it keep drifting in the same direction, it never will be.  You've might have read the self-help books, you've had advice from your friends, but it's not making the difference you need.  You need a professional using evidence-based techniques to guide you to achieving your goals.

coaching mentoring liverpool st station
  • Assertiveness

  • Healthy relationship building

  • Life / personal coaching

  • Life transition & adjustment issues

  • Relaxation

  • Self-esteem and self-development

  • Stress management

  • Work stress

  • Workplace bullying

- 50 minute appointment -  After-hours appointments available - 

Skype and telephone appointments also available -

- All clients of The Blackbird Clinic are welcome free-of-charge to the Weekly Online Mindfulness Practice -