Mindfulness for Self-Compassion

Six weekly live interactive Zoom sessions, Thursday, 7 - 8:30pm

- 6 May - 13 May - 20 May - 27 May - 3 June - 10 June -

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Is it possible to reverse deeply held feelings of self-judgment, blame, and anger?

Many people believe the only way they can change is to berate themselves. 

The problem is, some people can become almost paralyzed with self-judgment and rigid thinking – and this can create even more suffering.

After a while, these difficult feelings can grind down on our nervous system and leave us simply exhausted.

Not only that, but this way of being can have a severe impact on both ourselves and others. That’s because we can tend to adopt the same harsh strategy – judgment and blame – in many of our relationships.

We think we are bettering ourselves. And when we judge others, we can imagine it will help the other person better themselves.

But it rarely works.

So how do we work with the self-criticism and toxic judgment that keeps us from being our most alive, most authentic and loving selves?

Through the powerful practice of mindfulness. 

Scientific research has shown that mindfulness and compassion can literally change the structure of the brain, and enable us to disrupt ingrained patterns of reactivity, judgment, and defensiveness. Not only that . . . 

Mindfulness and compassion have been shown to be particularly effective at countering the harsh inner critic that keeps us stuck – it can prime the mind and body to let go of judgmental thoughts and painful emotions.

Applying the right practices at the right time can be the key to cultivating compassion and healing these difficult feelings.

This might sound simple, but . . .

Change requires deep work.

And cultivating compassion – the kind of deep, true compassion that can overcome self-judgment and finally bring relief to our suffering – that can be challenging.

That’s why we need a skillful guide to lead us on the journey. 


Join Michelle Williams



Michelle will deliver a program specially designed for people who want to cultivate compassion and develop a healing relationship with difficult emotions like shame, fear, and anger. 

Michelle is a Psychologist with decades of experience. She’s helped thousands of people transform their lives. 

Her insight, warmth, and generosity are evident in all that she shares. 

Michelle’s training, coupled with specific meditations you can practice immediately, will show you how to mindfully awaken radical self-compassion.


Awaken a heart full of self-compassion

Michelle will walk you through meditations that can help you feel more alive, connected, and secure.  Whether you’ve never meditated before or you’re an experienced mindfulness practitioner, you’ll be able to dig more deeply into the self-judgment and resentment that can stifle a full, thriving life.

Michelle’s gentle and open spirit will encourage and inspire you as it has so many others.

Register here for discount rate of £40 (normally £150)

and get all of the videos & audio recordings

(so you can listen and watch whenever you want)

Here’s what you’ll get in each weekly module:

Week 1


How to Build Compassion to Alleviate Emotional Suffering

  • How to awaken the core elements of compassion that can reduce emotional suffering

  • What can go wrong if you try to apply empathy without mindfulness

  • Four steps to reverse stress, release judgment, and build abundant stores of compassion

  • Why a specific attachment issue may fuel emotional pain

  • How to nurture an inner caring that may have been frozen by harsh judgment

Free Yoga
Free Yoga

Week 2


Fostering Powerful Presence and Dissolving Self-Judgment


  • How to promote wakeful presence to better handle stressful situations

  • Two crucial factors that can cultivate understanding and awareness (and why its vital to have both)

  • An exercise to help activate a strong loving presence in your daily life

  • How to quiet the constant background hum of fear in your life

  • How to take the “exquisite risk” and awaken a new sense of tenderness toward yourself

Week 3

How to Nurture a Fully-Awakened Heart to Shift Out of Reactivity and Pain 


  • The four-step practice that can help liberate from a life of blame and self-criticism

  • The “U-Turn” approach for disrupting difficult patterns of reactivity

  • How to prime the mind to handle stressful emotions without getting triggered 

  • A visualization exercise that can uncover hidden resources for managing pain

Free Yoga
Free Yoga

Week 4


A Guided Way to Accelerate a Deep and Lasting Compassion Practice. A RAIN Partners Exercise


  • A safe and supportive way to give voice to your most vulnerable parts 

  • Simple exercises to accelerate your compassion practice so you can connect to a deep sense of caring

  • A powerful practice for nurturing your most empathic compassionate self

  • A partner-focused approach for neutralizing self-criticism and defusing emotional triggers

Week 5


How to Build a Compassion That Will Revitalize Your Connection with Others


  • How to quickly recover when a strong emotion hijacks your sense of balance

  • One common mistake when working with feelings that can trip up the compassion process

  • How to bring compassion to a strained relationship without sacrificing your boundaries

  • One small twist of perspective to help unravel the anger that’s fueling conflict with others 

  • The three-stage process of compassion that can bring fundamental change to your relationships

Free Yoga
Free Yoga

Week 6


Widening the Circle of Compassion to Help Bring Healing to Those Who Suffer Most


  • A compassionate approach to conflict that can reveal powerful new ways to heal it

  • How to shift out of extreme feelings of resentment and reverse a toxic relationship

  • How to invite deep compassion into your greatest areas of vulnerability

  • A powerful connection exercise that can dissolve your brain’s natural negativity bias 

  • How to embody a nourishing love that can heal both yourself and others


Here's how it will work:

1.           Each week for six weeks, Michelle will walk you through a carefully-crafted program of teachings designed to help you shift out of shame, anger, and fear and into self-compassion.

2.          After every lesson, you’ll have time to try out the strategies in your life and work.


3.          Michelle will guide you through specific meditations to help you cultivate the healing power of compassion.

4.          Revisit Michelle’s lessons as often as you’d like to fully mine the depths of her wisdom and experience.


5.          Get equipped with essential tools and steady support every step of the way.

Register here for discount rate of £40 (normally £150)

and get all of the videos & audio recordings

(so you can listen and watch whenever you want)

Here’s What You’ll Get in This Program

  • Six weekly live interactive Zoom sessions

  • Audio downloads of the lessons in every module

  • Recordings of every Q&A session so you can listen again or at a time that’s convenient for you


Mindfulness can transform the brain

A decade ago, the research was just getting started – evidence was anecdotal, and there was no way of knowing for sure if mindfulness practice was truly making the difference that so many were reporting.

However, we now know that mindfulness practice:

  • Increases the brain waves associated with neural integration and well-being

  • Leads to an increased sense of well-being, not to mention greater stress resilience and deeper empathy in both professional and personal relationships

  • Improves attention, learning, and memory

  • Reduces experiences of pain, including chronic pain

  • Decreases the frequency and severity of stress, and the symptoms that come with it, including IBS, insomnia, and sexual dysfunction

Register here for discount rate of £40 (normally £150)

and get all of the videos & audio recordings

(so you can listen and watch whenever you want)