Recommended Reading List

People often ask for book suggestions that might supplement their therapy.

I only recommend books that I have found helpful for people in the past, and I have included Amazon affiliate links for your ease – but these books could also be sourced from other bookshops, and perhaps from your local library too.

An affiliate link simply means I get a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you buy using this link.

Anger Control Problems

Cannon, M. (2011). The gift of anger: Seven steps to uncover the meaning anger and gain awareness, true strength, and peace.  Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.

Carter, L. (2003).  The anger trap.  San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

​Deffenbacher, J.L., & McKay, M. (2000) Overcoming situational and general anger: Client manual (Best practices for therapy).  Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.

​Hayes, S.C. (2005).  Get out of your mind and into your life: the new acceptable and commitment therapy.  Oakland, CA: New Harbinger Publications.

​Kassinove, H., & Tafrate, R.C. (2019) Anger management for everyone: Ten proven methods to control anger.  Atascadero, CA: Impact.

​Lerner, H. (2014).  The dance of anger: A woman’s guide to changing the patterns of intimate relationships.  New York, NY: Perennial Currents.

​McKay, M. & Rogers, P. (2000). The anger control workbook.  Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.

McKay, M., Rogers, P., & McKay, J.  (2003) When anger hurts.  Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.

Nay, W.R.  (2012).  Taking charge of anger: Six steps to asserting yourself without losing control.  New York: NY: Guilford Press.

Petracek, L.  (2004).  The anger workbook for women: How to keep your anger from undermining your self-esteem, your emotional balance, and your relationships.  Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.

Potter-Efron, R.T. (2005).  Angry all the time: An emergency guide to anger control.  Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.

Potter-Efron, R.T., & Potter-Efron, P.S. (2006).  Letting go of anger: The eleven most common anger styles and what to do about them.  Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.

Rossellini, G., & Worden, M. (1997)  Of course you’re angry.  San Francisco, CA: Harper Hazelden.

Rubin, T.I. (1998).  The angry book.  New York: Touchstone Books.

Smedes, L. (2007). Forgive and forget: Healing the hurts we don’t deserve. San Francisco, CA: HarperOne.

Tavris, C. (1989). Anger: The misunderstood emotion. New York: Touchstone Books.

Weisinger, H. (1985). Dr Weisinger’s anger work-out book. New York: Quill.

Antisocial Behaviour

Carnes, P. (2001). Out of the shadows: Understanding sexual addiction. Minneapolis, MN: Hazelden.

Katherine, A. (1994). Boundaries: Where you end and I begin. Minneapolis, MN: Hazelden.

Pittman, F. (1998). Grow up! How taking responsibility can make you a happy adult. New York: Golden Books.

Williams, R., & Williams, V. (1998). Anger kills: Seventeen strategies for controlling the hostility. New York: HarperTorch.


Benson, H. (2000). The relaxation response. New York, NY: Morrow.

Bourne, E. (2011). The anxiety and phobia workbook. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.

Burns, D. (1999). Ten days to self-esteem. New York, NY: Morrow.

Clark, D.A., & Beck, A.T. (2012). The anxiety and worry workbook: The cognitive and behavioural solution. New York, NY: Guilford Press.

Craske, M.G., & Barlow, D.H. (2006). Mastery of your anxiety and worry: Workbook. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Davis, M., Robbins Eshelman, E., & McKay, M. (2019). The relaxation and stress reduction workbook. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.

Forsyth, J., & Eifert, G. (2016). The mindfulness and acceptance workbook for anxiety: A guide to breaking free from anxiety, phobias, and worry using acceptance and commitment therapy. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.

Freeston, M., & Meares, K. (2008). Overcoming worry: A self-help guide using cognitive behavioural techniques. New York: Basic Books.

Jeffers, S. (2007). Feel the fear … and do it anyway. New York: Ballantine Books.

Knaus, W. (2008). The cognitive behavioural workbook for anxiety: A step-by-step program. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.

Leahy, R. (2006). The worry cure: Seven steps to stop worry from stopping you. New York, NY: Three Rivers.

Marks, I. (2005). Living with fear: Understanding and coping with anxiety. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

Marra, T. (2004). Depressed and anxious: The dialectical behaviour therapy workbook for overcoming depression and anxiety. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.

McKay, M., Davis, M., & Fanning, P. (2012). Thoughts and feelings: Taking control of your moods and your life. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.

Orsillo, S.M., & Roemer, L. (2011). The mindful way through anxiety: Break free from chronic worry and reclaim your life. New York, NY: Guilford Press.

Tolin, D. (2012). Face your fears: A proven plan to beat anxiety, panic, phobias, and obsessions. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) – Adult

Davis, M., Robbins-Eshelman, E., & McKay, M. (2008). The relaxation and stress reduction workbook. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.

Hallowell, E., & Patey, J. (2011). Driven to distraction: Recognising and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder. New York: Anchor.

Kelly, K., & Ramundo, P. (1993). You mean I’m not lazy, stupid, or crazy?! The classic self-help book for adults with attention deficit disorder. New York: Scribner.

Nadeau, K. (1996). Adventures in fast forward. Levittown, PA: Brunner: Mazel.

Quinn, P., & Stern, J. (2008) Putting on the brakes: Understanding and taking control of your ADD and ADHD. New York, NY: Magination Press.

Safren, S., Sprich, S., Perlman, C., & Otto, M. (2005). Mastering your adult ADHD: A cognitive-beahvioural treatment program – Client workbook. New York, NY: Oxford.

Weiss, L. (2005). The attention deficit disorder in adults workbook. Dallas, TX: Taylor Publishing.

Wender, P. (2001). ADHD: Attention- deficit hyperactivity disorder in children, adolescents, and adults. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Bipolar Disorder – Depression

Basco, M.R. (2015). The bipolar workbook: Tools for controlling your mood swings. New York, NY: Guilford Press.

Bauer, M., Kilbourne, A., Greenwald, D., & Ludman, E. (2003). Overcoming bipolar disorder: A comprehensive workbook for managing your symptoms and achieving your life goals. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.

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Copeland, M. (2000). The depression workbook: A guide for livingwith depression and manic depression. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.

Fast, J. & Preston, J. (2012) Loving someone with bipolar disorder: Understanding and helping your partner. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.

Last, C.G. (2009). When someone you love is bipolar: Help and support for you and your partner. New York, NY: Guilford Press.

Miklowitz, D. (2010). The bipolar disorder survival guide: What you and your family need to know. New York, NY: Guilford Press.

White, R., & Preston, J. (2009). Bipolar 101: A practical guide to identifying triggers, managing medications, coping with symptoms, and more. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.