The Blackbird Clinic provides excellent, evidence-based psychological treatment and coaching.  

We believe that recovery from adversity stimulates people to grow and to fulfil their full potential.  Our job is to help people to get back on their feet as quickly as possible and give them the tools to feel confident about their future.


When you come to The Blackbird Clinic, you are our guest.  You will receive undivided attention and bespoke guidance in a light-filled climate controlled office - or in your own home if you take advantage of our video or telephone services.


Your visit will be confidential.  You will be able to access an appointment quickly.  Your therapist will be flexible.



We will likely be a good fit if you are interested in:

  • A collaborative approach to therapy

  • A professional who challenges you and is engaged and doesn’t sit back and nod

  • Exploring your concerns with an open mind

  • Learning how your life circumstances (both positive and negative) have shaped you

  • Practicing evidence-based strategies (e.g. strategies that have been found to work) in an easily understandable and accessible way


- Are you feeling stuck, uncertain, and unable to make decisions?

- Are your friends or family telling you that they are seeing a negative change in you?

- Are you feeling the pressure of where you thought you'd be in life by now?

- Are you feeling irritable, or unable to sleep, or sad, or nervous?

We are all faced with challenges.  At

The Blackbird Clinic, we want to help

you to put them behind you as quickly

as possible and to get back to enjoying

your life.

Perhaps your stress, anxiety, or

depression is getting in the way of

bringing your true self to your

relationships and performance. 

Believe us, we've been there.  

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Coaching is for you if you're feeling OK - but just OK.  You know that your life could be better and if you let it keep drifting in the same direction, it never will be.  You've might have read the self-help books, you've had advice from your friends, but it's not making the difference you need.  .

You need a professional using evidence-based techniques to guide you to achieving your goals.


When you have a Clinical Supervisor that believes in you and pushes you to be your best, you can take your clinical practice to the next level.  I have had some amazing Supervisors during my career, and they have inspired me to want to support other therapists to be their best as practitioners and also to feel fulfilled with their work.

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I am on the British Psychological Society's Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors, in recognition of my specialist training and experience in Clinical Supervision.

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The Blackbird Promise to You

When you attend The Blackbird Clinic, you are our guest.  


You will receive undivided attention and bespoke guidance in a light-filled, climate-controlled office.  Your visit will be confidential.


You can have confidence that the Psychologist you see is fully registered with the HCPC and maintains their continued professional development, to provide you with quality help.



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