Psychological Treatment


– Are you feeling stuck, uncertain, and unable to make decisions?

– Are your friends or family telling you that they are seeing a negative change in you?

– Are you feeling the pressure of where you thought you’d be in life by now?

– Are you feeling irritable, or unable to sleep, or sad, or nervous?

We are all faced with challenges. At The Blackbird Clinic, we want to help you to put them behind you as quickly as possible and to get back to enjoying your life.

Perhaps your stress, anxiety, or depression is getting in the way of bringing your true self to your relationships and performance. Believe us, we’ve been there. It’s why we’re so passionate about what we do. If you’ve found yourself in a hard place and you can’t seem to get yourself out, let’s start to work on it together using our training and experience.

All clients of The Blackbird Clinic enjoy free drop-in access to the online Weekly Mindfulness Practice. Ask your therapist for your link.


– Bipolar Disorder
– Anxiety and Phobias
– Depression
– Post-Natal Depression
– Panic Disorder
– Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
– Sleep & Relaxation
– Life transition & Adjustment Disorder

– 50 minute appointment
– After-hours appointments available.
– Zoom and telephone appointments also available.
– Discharge report including assessment results.
– All clients of The Blackbird Clinic are welcome free-of-charge to the Weekly Online Mindfulness Practice.


For more information, click the links of visit the Groups page.

We offer the following therapeutic groups:

Weekly Mindfulness Practice

Every week, on Tuesday night we have a guided mindfulness practice with opportunities to ask questions and engage with our mindful community. Newcomers welcome. Paid by the month, and free for all clients of The Blackbird Clinic.

Mindfulness for Self-compassion

A six-session weekly course that will teach you to use your mindful practice as a vehicle for self-compassion. An incredibly nourishing, lasting way to address feelings of grief, shame, overwhelm, and low self-esteem.

Bipolar Diorder Relapse Prevention

A 12-session weekly CBT-based exploration of Bipolar Disorder, your personal triggers, and things you can do to improve mood when it starts to be depressed, or de-escalate mood when a mania starts. Every person leaves with a personalised relapse prevention plan.​

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

A 10-session weekly course where you will learn mindfulness and cultivate your practice in a way that reduces your stress and changes the way to tackle challenges in the future.

Contentedness Bootcamp

A six-session weekly intensive​ course where you learn to evaluate the areas of your life that are blocking contentedness, identify the values that will lead you to contentedness, devise a plan to adjust life so that you can be contented, and start on your journey.